Key 2110 – Passports to the Kingdom of Heaven

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2110

When people apply for passports, they don’t realize the oaths and obligations to which they are committing themselves. Passport holders are required to give allegiance to a single kingdom…and it isn’t the, very literal, Kingdom of God.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 30, 2021

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Early Christian Passports; Passport rules; Disadvantages to benefits; Ordained ministers of Christ; Not of this “world”; Swear not!; It’s your choice – the doors you open; 22 USC 212; 42 USC 666 subsection 13; Christ’s appointed trusteeship; Misinformed gurus; Awakening your spirit; Pure religion; Returning to freedom; Conforming to His Church; Christ: King and High Priest; US National owes permanent allegiance to US; Righteousness in application; Insurrection? Or vandalism?; Appetites for benefits; Observer effect; Your body as a generator; “Love”; Selfishness; Seeking in physical and spiritual realms; Peace of God’s kingdom; The allure of alfalfa; No tricking your way out of bondage; Embracing pain/truth brings healing; Binary poison; Recognize what you want to believe; Samuel’s warnings; Politics of Christ; Avoiding darkness; Caring for fellow man; Bill Ayers: Weather Underground; Follow righteousness of Christ; Advocating Christ; Evil principalities feed on fear/anger; Make room for Christ; Forgive; Fear not!


*[00:03:00] Passports require an oath; It’s the responsibility of the passport holder to know the obligations behind it; Passport holder must denounce allegiance to the Kingdom of God. LISTEN
*[00:09:20] US Code Title 42 Section 666 Section 13; Required a Social Security Number for marriage license, driver’s license, professional license, occupation license, recreation license, etc. LISTEN
[00:11:33] Foreign state can be trustee;
[00:13:06] Gurus claiming you can get freedom by doing paperwork
[00:14:55] Bernie Sanders commercial “Are You Free?” People don’t want to take responsibility for their freedom.
*[00:18:11] Jesus was rich; Was king but made himself poor to also become recognized high priest and appoint men to his trust. LISTEN
[00:20:45] All US Citizens are US Nationals
[00:24:42] State Citizens
[00:26:30] Vandalism on January 6
[00:30:17] RIFE machine (gregbio)
[00:31:18] You are designed to be a frequency generator; Spiritual DNA
[00:37:29] Bringing sheep in from the desert (gregbio)
[00:48:35] Bill Ayers was planning back in the 1970s how to put hundreds of thousands in concentration camps and making plans to kill millions.

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