Key 2083 – 1 Thessalonians 5

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2083

Paul provides insights to the Thessalonians on the practical daily activities of the network of Christians who had chosen to live outside the welfare provisions of Rome.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: January 19, 2020

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Reviewing 1 Thes 4; People who sleep; Taking away sight; How to look for the kingdom; The awake can work while others sleep; The dead in Christ; What’s already happened?; How to not betray Christ; “Caught up in the clouds”; Removing scales from our eyes; Covenants of the “gods” – of the “world”; “cloud” – nephele; Forgiveness works!; Celsus’ monologues; Social Security realities; Christ’s solution; Beware private interpretations/distractions; 1 Thes 5; Seeing the signs; Treasure in your hands; Blood flow through the body; Becoming children of light; Casting out demons; Power vs service; Thinking righteously; Woke or awakened?; Temptation of power; Snares of the adversary; Prayer for what?; Lottery story; Holding fast to what is good; What’s “evil”?; Onward to 2 Thessalonians; 2 Pe 3:10; Elements and rudiments; Angel = messenger; Conform to God’s message.

Notable Segments

[00:01:25] Theologies built around belief of Jesus rising again and bringing with him those “sleep”
[00:10:55] Titus’ soldiers saw “men marching in the clouds”
[00:16:15] Nephele (cloud) = multitude of people
[00:17:58] Cure for depression is caring for others (gregbio)
[00:26:00] Finish “cloud” discussion
[00:27:00] Begin 1 Thessalonians 5
[00:26:16] Verse 6: Let us not “sleep”
[00:40:18] Watchers (gregoreuo)
[00:48:05] Rapture comment
[00:54:36] 2 Peter 3:10 Thief in the night
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