Key 2050 – Throwing Out Salt

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2050

Separation of church and state was a given from the start of the times of the earliest Christians. Yet now the modern church is part of the world system as a 501(c)3. It is possible to return to the ways of the original church which was called the bride of Christ, and not part of world’s systems. Learn how you can return.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: August 8, 2020

Show Notes


  • The Way
  • FDR
  • face masks
  • book of Amos
  • modern church
  • John the Baptist
  • sheep
  • good shepherd
  • Sanhedrin
  • tyranny
  • immunity denier
  • Federal Reserve System
  • Augustus Caesar
  • bride of Christ
  • force, fear and fealty

Paul’s Notes

Study History; Dave Daubenmire’s article, “Who Really Controls the Church?”; Isa 20:10; “Here a little, there a little”; Separating ourselves from God’s precepts; “World” – which world?; Who are the righteous?; Modern Christian rut of delusion; “Woke”, but not awakened; COVID smoke screen; Taiwan – only 7 deaths; Pervasive deception; “Hens and Chicks” congregationalism – Minister hens gathers congregant chicks around him; Moses and Christ in agreement; Christ’s brethren/called out; Conversation stoppers; Oregon constitution violations; Because you haven’t heard it doesn’t make it untrue; Ask!; The ultimate answer; Facts matter; Be aware of anger response; Righteousness instead; Coming together in Christ; Humility; Following the money; Tithing/militia in the kingdom; Gideon’s vs Saul’s altars; Detailed analysis of article; Church/State partnership?; Militia is the organized people; Freewill offerings; “Idiotes”; Socialism realities; Rome/US comparison; Judeans praised Augustus Caesar; Churches abandoning Christ; Who is the bride of Christ?; God’s government separate from the world; Throwing out salt; Marriage contract; John 3:29 – The Church is the bride of Christ; Jer 25:10 is now history; FDR’s socialism; Churches “of” the world; Go and sin no more; Churches whoring after state to do their job; Reading Amos; Who’s taking care of your parents?; Egyptian bondage; Conforming to Christ in today’s world; The Church (called out) is separate from the world (government); Keeping your word; Early Church illustrated; Re-thinking what you think is Church; Corpus (body) of Christ; Churches divorced Christ; What we need to do; Social Security; Differences in ministers of Christ; Modern Church’s overseer is government, not Christ; Christ’s table is set with freewill offerings; You created Caesar by giving him power; His Church never divorced Christ; John 15:19 – Ye are not “of” the world, Christ chose them; Christian conflict; Sanctify = separate; No socialism in The Church; Church is government of God – no exercising authority; Paul’s missions; Matt 25; Are you living by love (charity)? Or by force?; Respect for those standing up – see the whole truth; Christ commanded.; Repent and seek His kingdom and His righteousness; Call no man on earth “father”.

Notable Segments

[00:38:01] Intro to Dave Dubenmeyer article
[00:50:14] Is the church married to the government?
[01:10:43] The ways of the true church
[01:16:56] What we need to do now


[00:01:08] Importance of studying history
[00:04:27] “If ye were of the world…”     
[00:16:28] Masks as a micro-trauma
[00:28:57] Time to come together in Christ
[00:38:01] Intro to Dave Dubenmeyer article
[00:50:14] Is the church married to the government?
[01:10:43] The ways of the true church
[01:16:56] What we need to do now

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