Key 2047 – Grave Danger

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2047

Learn about the importance of creating a culture of righteousness instead of one formulated on an ideology. We must break these bonds of ideology, of seeking benefits by coveting our neighbor’s goods, and establish life according to the ways of Christ.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: July 25, 2020

Show Notes


  • modern churches
  • brown shirts
  • workers of iniquity
  • face masks
  • viirus
  • Rockefeller
  • forgive
  • Alan Dershowitz
  • Jacobson vs. the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • 14th Amendment
  • KKK
  • founding fathers
  • certificate of immunity
  • Noah Webster
  • delayed gratification

Paul’s Notes

Roman Centurion’s faith; Riots in Portland; Why are they angry?; Mistaking yourself for a Christian; Reason for masks; Jacobson v Massachusetts; No right to refuse vaccination?; Buck v Bell; Your options; Immunity deniers; Need to work together; Pastors abandoning Church authority; Pure religion = Church mission; Communion from government – touch not; Who are prophets of God?; Col 2:23; Be ye separate; Take care of one another via charity; Noah Webster; Repent from iniquity; Culture matters; What’s yours?; “White” culture? Misnomer; Rugged Individualism; Equating characteristics with skin color = Racism; Family importance; Individually as a team; Christian tolerance; Questioning authority; Ideology of righteousness; Keys to liberty; US Already socialist – money, retirement, welfare.; Debt-based consent; Coercive burdens; Reprobate minds in need of repentance, yet think it’s OK; Forgive! Love! Charity!; Become the social welfare for all; Come together – buddy system times ten; Lay down life daily for fellow man.

Notable Segments

[00:19:57] “Touch not and do my prophets no harm.”
[00:24:28] The contrast of pure religion and today’s culture
[00:43:50] Minds taken over by ideologies


[00:00:36] Review of  earlier show this day
[00:08:49] Vaccines, immunity and liberty
[00:19:57] “Touch not and do my prophets no harm.”
[00:24:28] The contrast of pure religion and today’s culture
[00:43:50] Minds taken over by ideologies

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