Key 2036 – Statues Torn Down While Statutes Remain

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2036

Gain new insight into the riots and the tearing down of statues. Learn more of the history, why we should not rush to judgment, and instead forgive, because they know not what they do. The spirit of destruction and its lies need to be replaced by seeing the truth about ourselves for renewal of the mind with love and forgiveness.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: June 13, 2020

Show Notes


  • Robert E. Lee
  • Polio
  • SV-40 virus
  • Tucker Carlson
  • Dr. Mikovits
  • Dr. Shiva
  • fake Christ
  • virtue singling
  • Robert Kennedy Jr.
  • holy spirit
  • KKK
  • Black Lives Matter
  • looters
  • gospel of the Kingdom
  • churches of Satan
  • redistribution of wealth
  • innocence of Christ
  • Columbus
  • riots
  • spirit of destruction
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • states rights
  • slavery
  • George Floyd
  • whole truth
  • Atticus Finch
  • Scout

Paul’s Notes

Kingdom “at hand”, appointed, established; World’s problems today stem from not doing what Christ said to do; Forced vaccinations; People lacking righteousness – e.g. looters; False Christianity in most Modern Churches; “Black Lives Matter” not concerned with Black Lives; “Black Community” term itself is a problem; People seem to need someone to hate; Synagogue/Churches of Satan – oppose Christ; Living at the expense of others = perfect savages; Police job realities; “Racism” is a racist idea fed by media; Don’t rush to judgement; Judges 2:17; People whoring after other gods; Irresponsible protesting; Tearing down statues?; Reminders of why we fell for their rhetoric; Who are Christ’s “workers of iniquity”? Are you?; Spirit of (self) destruction; vs Spirit of Life/Light; Evil by choice; The answer is the real Christ; Commemorating the good in others; Robert E. Lee facts; U.S. Grant had (a) slave(s); Only 4% owned slaves; Christ’s instructions unclear to Christians – lack of minister integrity; History = story of every man; Love your enemy – the good in them; Dangers of sarcasm; Forgiveness; Reinventing the wheel; Hate = absence of love; Not teaching whole truth of Gospel = lie; Seeking the whole truth – facts and evidence; George Floyd incident; Dissidents; Statues torn down while statutes remain; Socialist examples; Coveting forbidden; Christ opposed socialism; Not OK to vote for government to take away from your neighbor for your benefit; Guilt is individual, not national; People are complex; Mind-changing repentance; Righteousness is a journey; Why doesn’t everyone see the real problem?; Ku Klux Klan; Virtue signaling?; Genius social experiment?; What can we do?; gods who take life vs the God who gives life; Practicing pure religion; Daily looting by Christians; Righteous almost always a minority; Church wealth redistribution via charity; Mark of the Beast – you all likely have it; Evil wants you angry, rushing to judgement; “To Kill a Mockingbird”; Haters don’t understand sarcasm; Magnifying the dialectic via targeted propaganda; Suppressing the whole truth; Robbing innocence; Demonstrators’ spirit of destruction; Follow Christ’s “way” to see the truth; Love and concern for fellow man; Stand for what is right; Leave judgement to God; Putting on the full armor of God.


[00:02:50] The Kingdom of God is at hand
[00:08:28] Do you need a Plan B? (00:12:26 – 13:58 gregbio)
[00:13:58] Riots, false Christians and a contrary spirit
[00:22:59] Many problems when straying from the ways of Christ
[00:26:12] The spirit of destruction and tearing down statues
[00:33:52] How does tearing down statues help?
[00:49:16] The cost of operating from a lack of knowledge
[00:55:27] Socialist practices of taking from others
[01:02:26] Lies taught in school and the media (01:03:36 – 01:04:47 gregbio) (01:15:07 – 01:15:31 gregbio)
[01:15:46] Solution is changing ourselves by seeking the Kingdom (01:29:32 – 01:30:45 gregbio) (01:34:50 -01:35:55 gregbio)

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