Key 2414 – Government Provision vs Mutual Aid

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2414

Brother Gregory responds to an online discussion around government provision in which modern Christians participate versus the mutual aid community of early Christians.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: March 2, 2024

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Early Christianity; Love = Charity; Economy; Tolls and fees; Social welfare systems; Assisting society; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Heave and wave offerings; Coercion; Immigration rules; Surety for debt; Taxation; Marrying of Church and State; The snare of bondage; Agreeing to covet; Parable of the merchants; Private Religion; System of Cain; Being fruitful; Persecution; Federal Reserve Notes; Working for corporations; The way of Moses and Christ; Christ’s redemption; Buying property; Legal tender; One purse; Samuel’s warnings; Hearing the cries of your brother; Gen 42:21; What is needed for a free society; Col 2:20; Inheriting bondage; Subjection to ordinances; Caring for others’ liberty; Master/slave relationships; Making the word of God to none effect; Christ’s instructions against man’s government; Biblical constitutions; Second coming?; Prov 12:24; Slothful under tribute; Jury nullification; Understanding history; Jerusalem without a king; Polybius; Corruption today; Range vs Farm sheep; Voluntary network organization; Romans 13; Overcoming misinformation; Liberty; Who’s your daddy?; Making your “yes”, “yes”; Freewill offerings; Volunteer fire departments; Getting your rights back; Living peaceably; Focusing on righteousness; Obeying God; Moneychangers; Turtledove sacrifice?; Matt 5:37; Early Christians in Great Britain; Jn 9:22; Was Paul a Roman citizen?; “Rhomaios”; Imagining you are free; Born into bondage; Paul’s appeal to Caesar; Kingdom not of this “world”; Soldiers as Christians?; “Ekklesia”; Serving God or Mammon; Why you’re in bondage; “Commerce”; Value exchange; What makes you a Christian?; Right reason; Strengthening the poor; Seek the real kingdom of God.

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