Key 2366 – Weightier Matters or Totalitarianism – Pt 1

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2366

The book “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” by Mattias Desmet is a good warning about things currently happening in society, but fails to make the connections made by people thousands of years ago and recorded in the bible.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 16, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

What we should be seeking; Solution to injustices and corruption; 1 Sam 8; Cities of Refuge and Israel’s judicial system; Statutes; Freedom without responsibility?; Defining religion; Private and public religion; Roman centurion Christians; Cancel culture; Counter-faith; Instructions for kingdom seeking; Christ’s appointed government of service; Exercising authority; Anarchy; US Indirect Democracy; Foreign states; Knowing ourselves; Mt 7:14; Mt 24:5; Willingness to know the whole truth; Repeating principles in history; Prophecy; Offending people; Christians in mind only; Listening to God’s answers; Offence at truth; Deceiving the elect?; Learning where you’re not right; “mankind”; Gen 1:1; Good vs Evil; Light vs Dark; Adam’s nakedness; The bible’s destination; Blaming God; Missing the Christian solution; Addiction to benefits; Mercy; Altars of clay and stone; Public bribes; The problem is us!; Fixing the problem = repentance; Governing by force and fear; Creating the next generation; Psychology of Totalitarianism; Mattias Desmet; Contempt of facts; Natural Law; Jus juris vs Lex legis; Keeping your agreements; “pacta servanda sunt”; “gods”; Contracting for benefits; Creeping sloth; Just weights and measures; Doing your own research?; Science vs ideology; Meaningless jobs; Capgras; Identifying the source of the problem; Lighting the darkness; Blaming God; Natural remedies; Ruling over neighbor; Recognizing biblical truth; Pendulum synchronization; Denial of truth leads to chaos; Gospel of the Kingdom; Repeating Adam’s sin; Letting in the light; Cutting yourself off from God’s way; Daily bread; Where do you get yours?; Your responsibility; Changing ideologies; Tree of Life; Walking in light; Following false saviors; Mt 23:9; Who’s your father?; Buying love; Stop hiding.

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