Key 2365 – Roman Politics Around Jesus

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2365

We get a much clearer picture of how practical the teachings in the New Testament were when we understand them in the proper historical context.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 9, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Preterism; God is the same; Corban; Contextualizing the Gospel; Factions of ideology; Labels; Mints; gods; “Religion”; Gathering in Christ’s Way; Exercising authority; Covetousness of public education; Q: Acquiring property without titling; Legal title; Embassy of Heaven; Cemeteries; Irrevocable trusts; “Ravens”; Kingdom of God; Christ’s Church goals; Coming to the aid of your neighbor; Empowering neighbor destruction; Consenting to Corban; Christ’s commands; Stones of the altar/temple; Following Holy Spirit; Sacrifice; “Israel”; God’s system; Gospel of hope; Equity; Obedience; Religious orders; Tests of faith; Wrath of God; Getting out?; Where are you going to?; Renouncing dishonesty; Social Security Numbers; Ensnaring and corrupting YOU; Made men; Fear not!; Love; Manifesting truth; Banding together; Free assemblies; Slaves of Christ; Knowing Holy Spirit; Using your talent; Government of, for and by the people; Q: Cemetery property; Kurds?; Malaysia; World War 2 allegiance; Seeking the kingdom; Learning to love one another; Simplicity of Christ’s kingdom; Signs and wonders; Depression; Christ’s purposes; Why we gather; Sowing hope; Rebuilding the temple; Tacitus; Coming in Christ’s name; 1000 years of Christian flourishing; Preparing for dearths; Tacitus’ dream of restoring the republic; Romans at Christ’s time; Making Rom great again; “Republic”; 2 Cor 4; Tacitus didn’t like Christians; Deaths during the American revolution; Corrupt governments; Commending men to their consciences; Bearing witness; Bands of brothers; Quoting Tacitus; Cities of blood; Rationing; The moneychangers; FBI; Christ is the solution; War crimes of Julius Caesar; Right reason; Decreasing family sizes; Families helping families; God’s plan for you; Tacitus’ misunderstandings of Christians; Faith; The Teuton difference; Shield maidens; Herman the German; Repent and seek the kingdom and righteousness of God.

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