Key 2364 – 2 Corinthians 4

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2364

It is impossible to grasp the meaning of Paul’s messages to the Corinthians without first understanding the political environment in which Jesus was born.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: September 9, 2023

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Preterism; “Short work”; Kingdom of God is at hand; End of Christianity?; The puzzle; 2 Cor 4; Hidden things of dishonesty; Right reason; Superstitio; Repentance; God’s writing upon your heart and mind; Guidance by Holy Spirit; Moses’s intent; Abraham’s altars of charity; Social safety nets; Congregating to love; Modern church apostasy; Born again; Believing in God; “Put to death”; Living altars; Jehovah-Nissi; 2 Cor 4; False teachers perpetuating false information; Sitting in tens, hundreds and thousands; Early Church examples; Son of God; Public feasts; Suetonius; Nero’s rules punishing Christians; Pilate’s aqueduct; Rulers burning their countries; Christ’s solution; Apology of Justin; Becoming true Christians; What to do today; Bondage of Egypt; 2 Cor 4; Roman republic; American republic; Binding by commonwealth; Strange fire/woman; Prov 7:5; Cities of blood and cauldrons of flesh; Metaphoric zombies; Ps 69:22 = Rom 11:9; Offices of power vs offices of service; Corban of the Pharisees; Robbing Ephesus?; Evidence of your Christianity; Kingdom connections; Ten-family congregations; “commending” ourselves; Christ’s appointment of the kingdom; Charity alone; Modern corban; Righteousness of God; Knowing the right way; Living stones; Weaponry; Setting your neighbor free; What The Church should be; Nicolaitans and Balaam; The way of truth; Public religion; vs Pure religion; Do you want to see?; Covetous practices; Col 3:5; Eph 5:5; Born into bondage; Being a doer of the word; 1 Cor 5:10; Hating capitalism; “Deceitfully” (Dolo); Why you’re in bondage; Ekklesia; Burning sheep?; Freewill offerings; Your choice; Self-organization in love; Humility; Caesar’s offices; Seek His Kingdom and Righteousness.

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