Key 2270 – Our Emotionally Stunted Government

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2270

A society’s form of government provides insight into its emotional growth. Current governments all over the world indicate a significant level of immaturity.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 22, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Our mission as Christians; Tens, hundreds and thousands; Organizing free societies; Letting the people decide; Solar power; Awakening; Social Morality; The Kingdom Way; Law of Nature; Your personal journey; Absolute truth?; Zombies and vampires; Tree of Knowledge; Sharing the Good News; Living Network; Excuses; The spirit guiding you; Caring enough to work – together; King Saul; Catholic methods; Commitments; “Not of this world”; Jews accepting Jesus; Christ as king; Animal sacrifice; Sophistry; Burnt offerings; God makes sense!; Understanding metaphor and allegory; Finding the answer from within; Repentance; Lobotomies and shock therapy; Drugs; Interfering with personal development; Knowing the ethics of God; Caring for neighbor; Let in the Holy Spirit.

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