Key 2269 – Gospel of Matthew Part 2

Keys of the Kingdom Podcast 2269

The first chapter of Matthew takes on much more depth, significance, and practicality when understood through the prism of the political turmoil of the time.

by Gregory Williams
Air Date: October 22, 2022

Show Notes

Paul’s Notes

Do we see what we think we see?; Brain dependence; Witness variations of events; OJ Simpson trial; Two eye-witnesses?; Bible – a witness; Who is Matthew?; Mark?; No original copies; Angels?; Why we read Matthew; Mt 1 – generations; Cities of refuge; “Israel”; Roman government; Why go to Pilate?; Determining truth; Whole truth or lie; Abraham … Jesse, David; David – a king?; Children of God; Lineage to Jesus who is called Christ; Corrupt judges -> king?; Appointing judges; “Apotheos”; “God” vs “god”; God’s judgement; Exercising; Captivity and bondage; Choosing a ruler; Deut 17; Principas Civitas (first citizen) = President; Love requires choice; Forgiveness; David’s repentance; 4th branch of government; Sanhedrin; Law exists; atrophying bonds of society; Reading bible is not enough; Empty throne in Jerusalem; Sick society; Today’s corruption; Importance of communities; Communion; Home gatherings for kingdom purposes; Self-organizing Christians; Doing the father’s will; Caesars called son of God and savior; Protecting neighbor out of love; How to exercise your responsibilities; The key to liberty; Volunteerism; Christ’s gospel; Forcing neighbors is not love; Teaching sound doctrine; Sharing this message; Find each other; Daily ministration; Pure Religion; The Way; Matthew writing to Jews; Jesus king and high priest; Pilate’s determination; Emperors and Christ; Lev 4:3; Anointing kings; Today’s harlots; Emmanuel; Jesus set captive free; Nazareth?; Doctrine of John the Baptist; Mass psychosis; Diverging from reality; Being a king after God’s own heart; Isolation vs Community; Willingness to admit you’re wrong – like Paul; Sharing; Thanksgiving; Choose Charity.

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